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Now available: autographed copies of my books directly from my Buy me a coffee page. It might not seem like the best deal out there, yet it is a way for you to become a closer supporter of my work. And buying them goes with an Avid Reader (Редовен читател) free membership that I will activate for your email.

I am sorry to say that the books are, obviously, in Bulgarian, and that currently I am only shipping through the Econt service for the territory of Bulgaria. If you are absolutely determined to receive a copy of one of my books anywhere else out there, drop me an email or contact me on Mastodon and Facebook. By the way, these two books are also available as eBooks.

If you find it hard to decide which one to pick first:

Bluegrass (Блуграс) is a short story collection, most notably featuring a novelette the prototype of whose main character is Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov (1850-1921). The short stories are pure speculative fiction. And the novelette is in the alternate history genre, its plot situated in 1887.

Department “H” (Отдел „И“), on the other hand, is a full-length novel––once again, in the alternate history genre––and rather Chandlaresque, with strong 1950s vibes from the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. Naturally, its main character is just asking for trouble in search of anything that would make people around him less dirty and morally bankrupt than they obviously are. You know the type. A cynical knight in white armor on the edge of the existential noir, but not quite in it because what would be the point of it all, right? Right:

Сборникът „Блуграс“ и романът „Отдел „И“ от Петър Тушков
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