We and the Sofia’s Spring Book Fair (2024)

Вазев, 1887
Вазев, 1887

So I went to the Sofia’s Spring Book Fair 2024 to see my favourite people in the book industry. Martin Hristov of Издателство ЕРГО (the one responsible for publishing my own first two books), and Iliyana & Jordan of Benitorial fame, that impossibly cute young couple resolved to take the publishing world by storm, and succeeding (and publishing the crime thrillers of Stuart MacBride I am translating into Bulgarian). Today is May 24th, a national holiday, and the park is bustling with book lovers crowding the bookstalls. It’s MARVELOUS, I tell you.

Also, if you happen to go there, GET MY NEWEST BOOK NOW before it’s sold out. It was kind of a last minute arrangement, and I have only a limited number of copies left, but thanks to Martin Hristov, the books published by Сборище на трубадури are also present at this year’s Spring Book Fair.

Last things last. While I was there, I finally sold, with my own hands, THE VERY LAST COPY of my first book, Отдел И (published 2015, which was 8-9 years ago). It was bought by a serious looking gentleman, who said he saw on the back cover the book was about 1957, and that piqued his interest. I hope he likes Chandleresque books about undead people, because there’s plenty of them between the pages!