Story Ideas Generator

This is an old toy I had a lot of fun putting together a number of years ago. You must be experiencing a very, very uncomfortable writer’s block to even consider using it. I feel your pain.

One thing with writer’s block is, sometimes it’s all about self-confidence. I hope this is the case here because it’s good news. Self-confidence writer’s block means you don’t have a writer’s block. Rather, you must realize that you are as good as you are and as talented as you are, and you could only get better if you commit to a more disciplined approach to the task at hand.

I don’t suggest to devote the rest of your life to a fruitless endeavor. You know better than this. Writers, they are a smart bunch. They know that when it comes to people, there isn’t a universal recipe for living. Before anything else, they learn to live around themselves, and then focus on the meaning of the written work, not its mechanics.

The idea generator should be used as follows:

Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the abundance of choices. Don’t you dare clicking the yellow button until you find “something good.” All the choices are good enough.

Instead, just accept that you are here out of sheer desperation. You’ve hit rock bottom. Which means that a mediocre plot would only make your talent shine brighter.

The above gives you the infamous “permission to suck,” yes it does. Which gives you permission to get rid of the barrier in your head that holds you back from one of the things you appreciate the most in your life and are always in desperate search for.

Now close your eyes, click Generate a few times, open your eyes, hit the Print button, and get the fuck out of here.