The Million Years Vacation Now Available on Amazon

3D mock-up of The Million Years Vacation eBook by Petar Toushkov.

My short story, The Million Years Vacation, is now on all kinds of Amazon stores. I am so proud with my baby.

The Million Years Vacation: a short story by Petar Toushkov in

Leland is a PE teacher getting ready for his summer vacation. Five months of rest await him with their tropical zone beaches and snowy eight-thousanders; holiday resort stations splashed like equatorial beads along the Lagrange Belt between the baby blue hemisphere of the planet and the toxic aquarelles of its icebound satellites; cities of historical and cultural significance throughout the expansive temperate regions, bastions of family tourism and artistic traditions… But something is indeed wrong with the heuristic grid of the wild animal population in the vicinity of the already deserted school grounds, and it is only getting worse, spreading like a wildfire throughout the planet: An inexplicable, planetwide mass migration reaching for one of the abandoned cultivation sectors that hundreds of years ago populated the entire ecosystem for the human settlers to enjoy and peacefully live in.

Read the excerpt below, or got to the short story’s Amazon page.

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