Vazev, 1897 – Part II, Chapter 1 – Publication

Credit: Kaloyan Bogdanov

The Inevitable Drift 

New Social Poetry Magazine (yet again) publishes an excerpt from something I wrote, this time Chapter 1 of the novelette “Vazev, 1897. Precipice” I am currently working on.

I’ve always thought of “Vazev” as a set of novelettes–more recently as a trilogy of novelettes, to be precise–separated by 10-year intervals. “Vazev, 1897. Precipice” is the second part of the trilogy, the first one already being published, last year, in my short story collection “Bluegrass” (Ergo, 2021).

Historically, if we take into account the real-life protype of the main character, Bulgarian writer Ivan Vazov (1850-1921), this makes perfect sense in the alternate reality the trilogy is taking place.

It’s too early to talk about the third one. Hell, I should probably keep my mouth shut about the second one, too, but I couldn’t resist when Vladimir Sabourin, who’s following my members-only Buy me a coffee publications, was very kind to ask to publish this excerpt in the current issue of the magazine.